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At Roy A Logan Chiropractic Clinic, we treat patients who have been in an auto accident and sustained injuries. We have found that many car accident patients come to us complaining of injury from wearing a seat belt. While the seat belt did protect them from the impact of the crash, it also put their body under a great strain. Learn the symptoms of a car seat belt injury and how our Austin chiropractor can help you heal. 

Symptoms of a Seat Belt Auto Accident Injury

Your seat belt protects your body from hitting the dashboard or windshield in the force of a crash. However, this physical restraint can leave you with bruises, muscle sprains, and strains. Typically, seat belt injuries occur in and around the areas where your seat belt rested: Your chest, abdominals, internal organs, and shoulders. 

Your seatbelt can also cause musculoskeletal injuries, potentially pulling your spine and your ribs out of alignment while preventing violent movement during a car crash. This can leave you with back pain, neck pain, and chest pain as a result. 

If you feel pain, stiffness, or soreness along your back, neck, chest, abdominals, or shoulders, you may have sustained a seatbelt injury. Let our chiropractor conduct a thorough health examination to make sure there are no underlying injuries you should not ignore. Neck or shoulder pain could indicate whiplash, while lingering chest pain could mean a broken rib. 

How Our Austin Texas Auto Accident Chiropractor Treats Seat Belt Injuries

Our chiropractor, Dr. Roy A Logan, gives every new patient a comprehensive health exam and diagnosis musculoskeletal injuries. If we find an injury that needs medical treatment, such as a broken rib, we will let you know. If your injuries are muscular or spinal, we will treat them using a series of chiropractic adjustments.

All of our treatments are tailored to your individual health needs and your unique needs for healing. During treatment, we will always explain what we are going to do and answer any questions you have, so you feel totally comfortable with your care plan. To speed the pace of recovery, we can also perform therapeutic massage or recommend nutritional supplements. 

Spinal misalignment places your muscles, back, and neck under a great deal of pressure. You may feel pain, inflammation, or restricted mobility. Our chiropractic adjustments will slip the spine back into proper alignment, gently reducing the inflammation and pain you feel. Our chiropractic clinic has just added a new tool to better serve our patients. The ProAdjuster lets us make chiropractic adjustments without twisting and turning your muscles and joints, for easier healing after an auto accident injury.

Car accident injuries can cause pain and stiffness for months and even years after the crash. If you need to see a chiropractor after a car accident, call us at 512-213-1190 to schedule your first appointment today. We look forward to helping you heal! 


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