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Frequently Asked Work Injury Questions at Roy A. Logan Chiropractic Clinic

Your workplace can be a dangerous place, even when proper safety routines are practiced. The potential for work injuries seems to lie in wait around every corner -- but it helps to understand what you're up against. Here are the answers to some frequently asked work injury questions at Roy A. Logan Chiropractic Clinic in Austin, TX.

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What Are Some of the Most Common Work Injuries?

Work injuries may be either acute or chronic in nature. Common examples include slip and fall injuries, lower back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck conditions such as text neck, and overuse injuries created by faulty workplace ergonomics.

What Does a Slip and Fall Injury Do to the Body?

A slip and fall in the workplace usually mean a landing on a hard floor. This impact can jolt the vertebrae out of position, producing swelling in the vertebral joints and possibly pinched nerves as well.

What Is Text Neck?

Text neck is a form of neck strain created by poor neck/head posture. If you have to droop your head to view your smartphone or monitor all the time, you're a candidate for this painful problem.

How Do People Sustain Acute Back Injuries on the Job?

In addition, to slip and fall injuries, improper lifting practices can cause lower back pain by tearing muscles or herniating discs. Workers who try to lift something heavy by themselves, or without bending the knees, place their backs under dangerous amounts of stress.

What Are Some Examples of Ergonomics-Related Injuries?

Injuries caused or aggravated by awkward workplace ergonomics include carpal tunnel syndrome (from incorrect keyboard/chair height) and neck, back, or shoulder pain from bending or stretching to reach necessary work tools.

How Does Your Austin Chiropractic Clinic Diagnose Work Injuries?

Our Austin chiropractic clinic will discuss your symptoms as well as your job description and physical demands at work. A detailed examination of your musculoskeletal system will help us understand exactly what forms of damage you have sustained.

How Does Your Chiropractor Treat Work Injuries?

Our chiropractor can administer spinal or extremity joint adjustments to correct the position of any joint that has been dislodged in an injury. We can also prescribe corrective exercises, ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, and other techniques to help injured tissues heal. Lifestyle/ergonomic corrections can then help you create a healthier work environment for yourself.

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