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Our Austin chiropractic clinic can provide a number of chiropractic services to help your entire family enjoy the best possible care.

Chiropractic services in Austin, TX

Types of Services Offered At Chiropractic Offices of Roy A. Logan, D.C.

Chiropractic Adjustment - Chiropractic adjustment involves the use manual healing techniques to relive subluxations, misalignments in joints that produce pain, pinch nerves, impair your overall wellness and/or limit mobility. In addition to the classic Diversified technique, Dr. Logan now offers the ProAdjuster technique. This state-of-the-art chiropractic method uses a handheld instrument to deliver small, precise adjustments without all the twisting and turning required in Diversified technique.

Nutritional Counseling - If you're packing too many pounds, you face an elevated risk of joint pain, diabetes, cancer and many other health problems. Eating the wrong foods can load your body with toxins; eating the right foods can actually help you recover from injuries and other issues. We offer customized nutritional counseling to help you live better.

Physical Therapy - Whether you're suffering from a sports injury or getting over a serious illness, physical therapy can help you regain optimal strength, balance and range of motion. Let us create a personalized training program to help you heal.

Your Home for North Austin Family and Sports Chiropractic Care

Our Austin chiropractic center is ready to serve as your primary resource for North Austin family and sports chiropractic care. We specialize in relieving such common (and debilitating) problems as:

Chronic and Acute Pain - Pain may be acute, fading when the underlying ailment is resolved, or chronic, meaning that it goes on for months or even years. Our Austin chiropractic clinic can address both types of pain including: back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica and more without resorting to drugs or surgery.

Sports Injuries - Sports injuries can cause sudden, acute pain from herniated discs  and strained/sprained tissues, or they can develop gradually as overuse injuries such as tennis elbow or runner's knee. Our Austin chiropractic center can provide spinal adjustments, sports massage and physical therapy to get you back on your game.

Auto Accident Injuries - Auto accidents can cause whiplash, sciatica, torn muscles and a host of other serious problems. If you're been in an accident, you need to see an Austin auto injury chiropractor immediately. Our Austin auto accident injury chiropractor will evaluate your condition and provide the appropriate treatment.

Workers Compensation Injuries - If you're injured on the job, you need to know that your Austin chiropractic clinic can evaluate your symptoms, diagnose your ailment and work with you via workers compensation. We are more than happy to take workers compensation cases.

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  • "I’ve been to a lot of Chiropractors, and have never had any doctor pay as much attention to me and my family as Dr. Logan. We have been with Dr. Logan for 8 years now. We are so happy he decided to open his office in Austin. If you are looking for a great and caring Doc, he’s the one.

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