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If You've Been Hurt at Work, Meet With Our  Austin Chiropractor for Natural & Drug-Free Relief

It can be extremely stressful to sustain an injury at work. Our Austin chiropractor, Dr. Roy A. Logan, believes that his natural services can help a wide variety of hard-working Texans get back on the job feeling pain-free and better than ever. 

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Common Types of Work Injury Including Back Pain, Neck Pain & Slip & Fall Injuries

Thousands of work injuries are sustained every year in this country, and are a driving factor behind lost wages, disability, and decreased job satisfaction. Some of the most common ones we evaluate and treat here at our chiropractic office include:

  • Muscle strains (e.g., rotator cuff injury, muscle strain/spasms)
  • Nerve impingement syndromes (e.g., carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica)
  • Disc herniations and bulges
  • Tech neck and other types of neck and back pain
  • Plantar fasciitis

Sometimes, a simple accident such as a slip and fall could be the cause of work injuries like disc herniations or muscle strains. In other cases, improper lifting techniques, improper equipment usage, poor ergonomics (workplace/desk set-up), excessive sitting or (alternatively) excessive standing, and poor posture (especially while sitting for a long time at a desk) can lead to overuse and strain.

It's important to realize that both physical laborers and people with desk jobs are at risk for a work injury accident injury. Seeking help for a nagging injury ASAP and doing what you can to control preventable factors is key for maximizing your safety, health, and productivity. 

The Benefits of Seeking Chiropractic Care for Help with a Work Injury

For many people who've been injured on the job, the last thing they want is invasive procedures or expensive and side-effect riddled drugs which can keep them off work longer than they'd like. Our chiropractic services in Austin are natural, non-invasive, and affordable, and can help get to the root of your injury so you'll know how to avoid it again in the future!

Common services include:

  • Spinal screens and body mechanics/ergonomics training
  • Work hardening exercises to improve core stability, tissue healing, and muscle strength and endurance
  • Chiropractic adjustments to provide natural pain relief and improved spinal/extremity alignment
  • Nutritional counseling, to teach you about foods and supplements that can help you soothe inflammation and heal from the inside out

Hurt on the Job? Get Natural Relief with Our Chiropractor At Roy A Logan Chiropractic Office in Austin, TX! 

Contact the Chiropractic Offices of Roy A. Logan, DC in Austin, TX today at 512-213-1190 to schedule an appointment and get back to work ASAP. Call now: as a first-time client, your first visit will be only $39!


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