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Chiropractic Care For School

Roy A. Logan Chiropractic Clinic in Austin Understands How School Can Cause Aches and Pains

Going to school 5x a week can put a lot of strain on your back by carrying heavy bags, sitting for long periods of time, and activities that increase pressure on joints and muscles. Dr. Roy A. Logan gets the student's plight, and his experience treating neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain make him Austin's ideal chiropractor for school soreness. 

Kids wearing backpacks walking into school


Studies have shown that carrying backpacks, even with light loads, contributes to chronic back and shoulder pain. The severity depends not only on the backpack's weight but the length of time it's carried. In addition, shoulders can become strained if a backpack consistently rests on one side.

Prolonged Sitting

No matter how comfortable the seat (and school desks are rarely soft and inviting), sitting for long periods is terrible for the neck and back. Not to mention, hunching over a notebook or laptop to take notes during a lecture doesn't provide your spine with ideal alignment. Even if you've managed to take frequent breaks from sitting, the long hours spent studying can add up. Face it--school means carrying heavy backpacks, sitting too long, and your neck and back pay the price.

Purses and Shoulder Bags

Even if you've outgrown your childhood backpack, purses and shoulder bags place stress on the neck, shoulders, and back, and since technology has made working with a laptop easier than ever, many need a bag capable of hauling a portable computer (with all its gadgets and chargers). 

How Roy A. Logan Chiropractic Clinic Can Help With Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, and Back Pain

Our chiropractor's skilled hands can restore proper joint and muscle alignment and improve overall functionality. With precise treatments that target site-specific discomfort, he can realign the neck and spine, making the chronic pain last semester's problem.

If you live in or around Austin, call (512) 215-3256 and schedule an appointment today. 


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